Back Story/Concept Art of "The Black Princess" Movie

"Frost has set up camp outside the kingdom gates and is in for a rude awakening from King Peter himself!" Watch the teaser scene in comic art style...
The Black Princess 
(Concept Art & Bio)
Back Story:
Princess Nava "The Black Princess": Nava got the name the Black Princess as a child because she couldn't control her Black fire powers. So the towns people called her The Black Princess as a slur.( See The Character "The Black Princess")
Princess Nava was thrown into the black fire of the Ancestors as a baby by an over possessive nanny. (See THE BLACK FIRE OF THE ANCESTORS). Instead of the fire consuming Nava, it miraculously becomes one with her. The nanny gets thrown in jail, and later ask for forgiveness in the story, and she is forgiven by Nava, because she heard the whispers of the Ancestors to do it. (See WHISPERS OF THE ANCESTORS). Nava's Parents don't know what to do with her so they decide to have her grandma raise her near the mountains, she told her the story of the great war and how the mountains saved them. Nava's grandmother had more knowledge of black fire, she is also is a scientist that practices medicine and studies black fire's healing properties. (See Character Grandmother Wisdom). She raises Nava and teaches her how to control Black fire because there is a coming war that she will lead the people into winning. The grandmother experiments so much with black fire, that she can hear the Ancestors speak to her through whispers through the fire. That's why Nava heard whispers at night growing up, she didn't know until now that it was the Ancestors.
All the nations; from the Afrie, the Zen, and the Waku all work together as equals.

The Colonie try to take over their land and the people.

The conflict is between them and everyone else. The savior of the people will be Princess Nava at the end. It's simple, Fire beats Ice. There is a coming war between the three nations and the Colonie; Frost has assembled a massive man and Ice machine army made by stolen technlogy from Zenna. So all Nations are doing missions and preparing for the coming war. As for the Afrie, Because of their old memories of a young Princess Nava not able to control her gift of Black Fire; The people want Princess Niah to take over as Queen when King Peter steps down for the next generation to lead. Even though Nava is the one that saves all the people at the end... Nava Loves her sister so she decides to let her become the next in line to be queen anyway. Nava will be there to protect here, because that's what big sisters do.....
The Black Princess:
Princesss Nava is "The Black Princess". She got the name as a child from mean towns people, because she couldnt weild her new black fire of the ancestors gift and she would always cause accidents in town. So they named her the Black fire Princess, but Black Princess for short. Hence the Movie being titled " The Black Princess. She turns the negative name into a positive one and embraces her gift to save everyone at the end of the movie. (See BLACK FIRE OF THE ANCESTORS)
The Whispers Of the Ancestors:
Princess Nava as a child heard positive whispers. she didnt know that it came from the fire of the ancestors and that it was the ancestors talking to her. Later she finds out that she was chosen by them to save all the people and help them through the given power of Black fire from the ancestors. She is the Ancestors chosen champion. The Whispers guide her, and she knows this because her Grandmother Wisdom told her. sometimes she even hears their whispers.
Its a memorial to the Ancestors, it holds their trinkets and a black fire burns from a pit of Trinkets, some say that the fire comes from the fire that was burning inside of the Ancestors. We all have fire burning inside of us, and part of that still burns on after we die so our loved ones will always remember us and where we came from.
It is a never ending burning fire, it either stops burning itself or it continues burning until it consumes what it burns. It doesnt burn like regular fire, its is a spiritual fire that burns kind of like fire, it is hot, but doesnt have the effect of smoke like regular fire. It has the power to heal or to destroy. When used properly, it has healing properties that Princess Nava learns from her grandmother Wisdom which practices medicine and how black fire can also heal or mend which has been broken.
a rock shaped creature that was made by Nava's grandmother out of rock, black fire, and the soul of nava's pet wolf 🐺 that loved to chew on rocks. an accident happened in the mountains so grandmother Wisdom mended him and reanimated him into a rock monster/ creature. He is a good companion; Princess Nava and Niah both got wolvess from their father King Peter to protect them when Nava was sent to go live with her Grandmother. Nava named him Rocky, because his fur is grey and he liked teathing and chewing on rocks.
(Rocky's Wolf form)
Princess Niah: 
short for Anianiah which means {Covered by the Almighty}. Nava's little sister receives a white wolf as a gift from their Father, while Nava received a grey wolf. While Nava was raised by her grandma, the towns people urged King Peter to name Niah the next in line to be Queen, because they didn't want "The Black Princess" to be their queen, they feared and dispised Princess Nava, so they wanted her little sister to take her place as next in line to lead the people of Afriya.
King Peter:
Peter which Means {The great stone/The Rock}. Also known as "Peter The Great" because of his battle skills and his brute fighting style. He won victory over Lord Frost in the last war which made his Kingship gain higher praise and loyalty. He is King Of the Afrie which live in the land of Afriya. He also has a battle ready male black wolf named Coal. He is Nava's and Niah's Father married to Queen Nancy. He has a talk about the meaning of your name with his children and how it is important....
Queen Nancy:
King Peter's Wife. She is also a warrior as well but now sits and leads the people as queen. She faught in the last war along side The Tattoo Princess and The Cheif's Wife Aiyana Nava's Mother.
The name of Niah's white female wolf
Lord Frost:
Past leader of the Colonie that has amazing ice powers that part of his uniform is made of solid ice. His son Frost is now leader. The colonie live in Colonuree a cold mountainous land with a lot of parts snow. Legend has it, that it got this way because Lord Frost and his father before him set out and concurred and to take other peoples land and resources. This turned their hearts cold like ice. So the Frost family now wields Ice Powers. Hence the name "Frost".
Leader of The Colonie and has power to freeze the close air around him and push it forward. Cold like his heart, he is a scientist and subscribes to the art of war. He is the lead villian. Son of Lord Frost.
Karen Frost:
Frost's daughter. She shows an extreme consintration of ice powers, almost more powerful than Lord Frost if not more powerful. She despises her younger brother Gregory because he will skip her to lead after their father Frost. So she takes that as something to prove to her father. That also is a driving force for her anger and pushes her ice wielding powers to grow past it's normal limits. She is the one set out to go against Princess Nava. [Don't get it confused, she is also a "Karen" in every sense of the word!]
Gregory Frost:
Frost's son. Who secretly visits his mother who lives in Afriya under King Peter's secret protection. He visits her to found out why she left the family and his father. The first scene of the movie will be him cloaked and sneaking into Afriya at night to visit his mother. He shows little ice powers, but his heart isnt as cold as his family's, he has a softer and more kinder heart. He will help bridge the gap and help end the coming war.
Cheif of the Waku Tribe, These people live in what remains of Wakuria and are the descendants of descendants of the natives on their land. Everything that they do It's for the tribe, And for the good of all people. They are in tune with the animals and the trees and the forest. They found their power in nature and their spirit animals.
The Cheif's Wife. She is a Warrior Princess that lives in harmony with nature.
The Cheif's Daughter. Childhood friend of Princess Nava.
Emperor of the Zen people,
These people Live in what remains of Zenna and they are the descendants of people that had great dynasties. They also are good with their hands and they make and dye clothes in this ancient ink that greatly strengthens clothing. They add this ancient ink to the tips of their hair when they are young and again in adulthood to make them stronger and faster. Certain parts of their clothes and tips of their hair glow bright that color of chosen Ancient ink. They find their strength in technology and many different artistic crafts such as martial arts and combat. They even have a martial arts form know as "Ink Art". Made famous by Lee's Wife Nobuko "The Tattoo Princess". Ink Art is a martial arts form that uses Ancient Ink on the skin as a tattoo that gives the user strength that only few master. Even fewer have their ink tattoos come alive off their skin and is used in battle and other things... Spin Off Movie: "Lee and the Tattoo Princess"
Nobuko Gia:
Lee's Wife also known as "The Tattoo Princess". (See Character Lee) Nobuko is a know Princess Warrior in Zenna and leads men into battle during missions and wars. Along with her husband Lee, she is a force to be reckoned with.
Lee and Nobuko Gia's Daughter. Childhood friend to Princess Nava.
The Afrie:
These people use the fire of the ancestors. Their strength is in unity with one another. And they draw their strength through wisdom from the Memoral at The Black Fire of The Ancestors. They work together peacefully and in harmnony with the Zen and the Waku. but the Colonie have taken over a huge part of the land, and they have to go through Afriya to get to it. Afriya is a safe haven and all the other nations leaders work together in harmony to protect each other.

The Coloni:
These people follow Frost and all his teachings. Their hearts have turned cold as ice even in the literal sense of the term. They've become cold by taking others resources and claim it for their own. They find strength in taking things that don't belong to them, They believe in survival of the fittest above all else. (See Character Lord Frost)
The Woodsman:
He was an helping hand to the Afrie in the previous war. He resides in the woods and lives a quiet life now. But King Peter will want to aquire his help to win the coming war. The Woodsman was and is a skilled warrior that rather live a quiet life now chopping wood, hunting, fishing, and reading by the fire place.
Spin Off Movie: (Enter The Woodsman)
Grandmother Wisdom:
Nava's grandmother that is a scientist and doctor that lives near the mountains a days journey in Afriya. She studies black fire and the healing properties that it has. She lives in the mountains away from the people to research the caves, their minerals, and Black Fire. She shows Princesss Nava "The Black Princess" how to weild black fire by what she knows about it. (See Character "The Black Princess")
A young but key soldier in the Afrie Army. His parents died in the last war, so he takes care of his little brother Jaylen with King Peter and famly's help. King Peter and his dad were best friends. Now King Peter is his mentor.
Jaron's younger brother. who grew up with Princess Nava and always liked her. He is very fond of her and loves her. he helps out in the stables and is a soldiers apprentance.
grew up in the pallace and learned along side his brother and the princesses.